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BabyTrees® Micro-crèches

Day care, and so much more

BabyTrees® crèches offer Montessori teaching methods in a bilingual French and English environment.

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To understand the basics of English and get used to the Anglo-Saxon culture, your child follows the micro crèche activities in both languages.
He uses his learning skills through constant contact with an English referee.
It is aimed exclusively at children in its language.
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Your child benefits from an educational project inspired by the Maria Montessori method.
The micro crèche thus contributes to the development and awakening of your child, in order to enable him to be fulfilled from an individual point of view as well as in the community.
The general atmosphere of our crèches is oriented towards a permanent encouragement of the child.
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The activities of our micro crèche are based on an individualized program.
It aims to allow the expression of your child’s personality, so that he exploits his full potential and builds his autonomy.
Our programs are tailored to the needs of each family.
Continuous monitoring of the child and regular exchanges with the family take into account the child’s evolution.
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The BabyTrees mission

  • Provide the best possible care for your child
  • Continuity between the care they receive at home and at the crèche
  • Support your child’s emotional, social, and physical development
  • Enable your child to learn basic English


In our crèches, we focus on creating an atmosphere of constant encouragement for the children we care for. Children can flourish in an environment of small class sizes managed by qualified professionals.


Family Portal
Constant contact between
micro creche and parents

Our family portal lets us keep in constant contact with parents. For parents, it is a place where they can keep track of their paperwork, see photos of their child, and get in touch with the crèche whenever they need to.

Features that make your life easier:

  • View your schedule
  • Access your invoices
  • Direct messaging service
  • Photos of your child

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Follow the day-to-day activities of the children, in the nursery or outside. Find the portraits of your educators Be informed about our current teaching cycles. Discover our various teaching materials and their functions, as well as activities that you can reproduce at home.

Baby Trees is in Strasbourg.

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Baby Trees is in Strasbourg.

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Baby Trees is in Strasbourg.

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Baby Trees is in Strasbourg.

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Baby Trees is in TOURS.

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Baby Trees is in Strasbourg.

2 weeks 4 days ago

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Baby Trees is in Réunion.

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Baby Trees is in Carcassonne.

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#babytrees #crechecarcassonne #carcassonne #ateliercuisine Comment chacun va préparer une tarte, à la micro-crèche BabyTrees de Carcassonne ? Les enfants adorent ces ateliers cuisine 👨‍🍳, où

The team is great, our daughter loved going.
We are very happy with the nursery. For us it is invaluable that, in addition to French, there are carers who are native speakers.
An exceptional crèche where the development and happiness of the child is the priority of the staff.

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