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BabyTrees® daycares

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Daycare Centres applying Montessori methods in a bilingual, French-English environment

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To expose your child to English and French languages, Baby Trees introduces and stimulates them in various ways.

Our English-speaking staff interacts through play and activities continuously with your child alongside our French speak staff.

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Montessori is a holistic approach created with the needs of the unique child at the centre.

The child works with freedom and independence in a structured and stimulating environment. This method respects natural brain development as well as individual needs and interests.

Montessori is a preparation for life, in early years, by learning life skills such as self-discipline, self-care and for others in their environment.

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Part of our curriculum at Baby Trees is the Individual Planning.

Through observations and assessment from our experienced and qualified educators, we will tailor a developmental planning for your child to reach their maximum potential as they move from stage to stage in their learning journey.

This planning is reviewed a few times during the year in accordance with the families to remain consistent and respectful of the home.

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Baby Trees Purpose is

  • To provide a high standard of care
  • Offer continuity of care between the home and the daycare
  • To support your child’s emotional, social, and physical development
  • To expose your child to French-English bilingual environment

Our Daycare Centres aim to create an enabling environment both indoors and out for babies and young children to feel safe, secure and support their play and learning.

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Family Portal
Continuous contact for parents with the daycare centre

The Family Portal allows you as a parent constant real-time updates about your child and their basic needs.

Features that make your life easier:

  • View your calendar
  • Access your invoices
  • Direct messaging service
  • Photos of your child

Find your child’s activities on our Facebook and Instagram pages

Come look at our Facebook and Instagram!

  • Follow and like our daily activities and outings
  • See your educators
  • Be informed and gain insight on child development from professionals
  • Discover how and why we use Montessori and other educational material in our daycare and what you could do at home.

Baby Trees is in Wasselonne.

16 hours 9 minutes ago

Escargots rigolos🐌🐌 à la crèche BabyTrees de Wasselonne ! Les enfants décorent leur escargot de paillettes✨ et de lentilles ! Après avoir mis de la

Baby Trees

2 days 21 hours ago

🐭Mouse is so curious that he wants to look into everything, even into his friends’ diapers! But in Mouse’s diaper there is nothing, as he

Baby Trees is at Saint Paul , La Réunion.

5 days 16 hours ago

Quel formidable aquarium🐠🦀 réalisé à la crèche BabyTrees de L’Eperon ! Les enfants ont participé à sa création durant plusieurs jours ! Chacun a contribué

Baby Trees is in Tours.

1 week 16 hours ago

Des éclaboussures de peintures à la crèche BabyTrees Tours Pierre Gandet ! 🎨💦 Les enfants s’amusent à reproduire les éclaboussures produites par l’éléphant🐘 avec sa

Baby Trees

1 week 2 days ago

🧸Le doudou, c’est l’objet rassurant et réconfortant pour bébé et même des plus grands. Cette peluche, couverture ou autre bout de tissu, souvent imprégné d’une

Baby Trees is in Réunion.

1 week 5 days ago

Activité bac sensoriel à la crèche BabyTrees de La Possession ! Les enfants découvrent avec leurs petites mains différentes textures et couleurs dans le bac

Baby Trees is in Carcassonne.

2 weeks 14 hours ago

Quand le coton remplace le muguet à la crèche BabyTrees Carcassonne Grazailles ! 🌿 👶👦Petits et grands découvrent les textures des vraies feuilles et du

Baby Trees

2 weeks 2 days ago

👶Masser son bébé est une pratique aux nombreux bienfaits. Dès ses premiers jours, vous pouvez commencer à masser bébé avant le coucher pour l’apaiser. Il

Baby Trees is in Tours.

2 weeks 5 days ago

Brossage de dents🦷 en dessin à la crèche BabyTrees Tours Pierre Gandet ! Les enfants doivent enlever les caries colorées à l’aide d’une brosse à

Baby Trees is in Biot.

3 weeks 16 hours ago

Collage amusant à la crèche BabyTrees de Biot-Antibes ! Une table à l’envers, du scotch en travers des pieds pour créer comme un enclos et

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In 2023, satisfaction scale 9/10 parents recommend Baby Trees.

BabyTrees, Member of fédération des entreprises de crèches.

*Based on Baby Trees Strasbourg





Parents talk about it best

Dad of a little boy who has been registered at this nursery for almost 1 year. Everything I was looking for, I found here for my child. A caring approach from the staff, professionalism, perfect food quality with organic, non-industrialised and balanced products.
Sassan - May 2023
Lovely and caring team in harmony with the Montessori concept…everything is done for the development of the little ones… New, bright and joyful premises!!! I recommend it to all parents looking for a perfect mini- facility.
Denise - January 2023
Educational team is excellent, professional and attentive… superb nursery.
Melle M - January 2022

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