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The BabyTrees® Curriculum

An exclusive approach
Holistic daycare that is child centred, providing bilingual and enabling environments to give your child start in early years.

French and English surroundings

Baby Trees expose your child to English as well as French from a young age in our daycare centres. We provide activities and learning experiences in both languages, not forgetting attending to your child’s basic needs.

Our English-speaking staff interact and play to share experiences and memories with your child. Whether it be stories and songs to walks in the park, giving your child a fun perceptive and knowledge of a different culture.

Research has shown children who have been exposed to another language from a young age have higher brain activity.

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Our approach aims to communicate and provide consistency between the home and daycare.

Daycare centres affiliate offering Montessori experiences

BabyTrees® daycare integrate Montessori activities in their curriculum on a daily basis, inspired by Maria Montessori to educate children in life skills.

Baby Trees have professionally trained and experienced qualified staff to implement our Montessori inspired curriculum. With the help of our partner Guide Montessori, we assure you a high quality standard daycare. Our professionals are trained in the specific Montessori material and tools used, as well as the educational approach to the child.

The activities, set-up environment and interaction in our centres support your child’s learning and development in a safe, secure and inclusive practice. 

The curriculum in our daycare centres are based on the following concepts:

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Discovery learning

Inspired by the Maria Montessori method, Baby Trees uses this inquiry-based learning for your child to explore and experiment with objects, concepts or the physical environments to encourage the understanding of the world around them.
This hands-on, interacting learning encourages curiosity and love to learn.

Communication skills

We involve your child in various opportunities, from two months old, to experience an exciting language environment to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves and being able to listen and respond in a range of social situations. Your child will be introduced to the English language from a very early age. Through direct interaction and speech from staff to adult initiated activities like Rhyme Time and stories.

Social and emotional development

Baby Trees daycare centres are intimate settings which give the daycare an advantage of providing dedicated activities by stage of development.
On the other hand our younger and older children still enjoy many shared moments and interactions enabling a sense of purpose and belonging in the group.

Motor skills

At Baby Trees we provide many opportunities and encouragement for children to develop their gross and fine motor skills.
We privilege indoor and outdoor play for all the children including our babies to enable them to take risks, manoeuvre or manipulate to drive their play and learning.

Artistic expression

An important part of the activities is devoted to artistic expression. It stimulates the child’s sense of observation, concentration and creative abilities. At the same time, the child learns about colours, shapes, alphabet and the names of things.

Multicultural awareness

The bilingual French - English environment, the richness of the games, reading and music provided by the supervising teams and the diversity of the children themselves gives rise to a beautiful multicultural openness, conducive to the child's harmonious development.

Individualised programmes

At BabyTrees daycare, we create and provide a high quality education in early years through our personalised programmes. These programmes are suggested with families and are respected by all staff for every child we care for.

The BabyTrees educational programme will help your child to develop naturally while expressing their own personality, so that they can reach their full potential.

The group’s teaching objectives foster children’s independence and help them develop their own personalities.

Observation, Assessment, Planning

Tailored programmes

The small size of our centres means that we can deliver programmes that are tailored to the needs of each individual child in consistency and authorisation of the family.

In this way, BabyTrees’ child centred approach maintains the rhythm established by the family at home right through to the daily routine in the daycare.

Additionally, the pedagogy and curriculum in our settings gives the staff and families resources, material and suggestions that adhere to the recommendations of the Montessori method.

Monitoring children's progress

Our professional experienced staff carry regular observations of the children within the setting. This allows them to get to know, understand what and how each child is learning and developing. Sharing and exchanging information with families helps our professionals to analyse and assess all the information, thus effectively planning how to support and teach each child.

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The team is great, our daughter loved going.
My daughter was very happy here and I was very impressed with the staff who showed a lot of care towards her. It is a warm, friendly place which is also very well organised. I would recommend it highly.
Superb bilingual nursery! The team is wonderful with native speakers. The activities are varied and perfectly supervised. We had mixed feelings about the Montessori method but it was perfect: a daily follow-up is done and the children are happy.

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