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Rue du Général de Gaulle

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Our Wasselonne micro-crèche is just a short walk from the town hall. It can accommodate up to 12 children and focuses on personalised care and education.
It uses Montessori activities to encourage learning and discovery.
To give your children a head start, all activities are bilingual in French and English. Our Wasselonne micro-crèche is open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 7.30pm.
Head of the crèche:

Elie-Laurent LAGO

26, rue du Général de Gaulle
67310 Wasselonne

Our Romans micro-crèche can accommodate up to 12 children.

It offers personalised care for your child, in a more family-like setting than traditional crèches. It welcomes children aged 2 months to 3 years. The littler kids learn alongside their bigger friends, who also help look after the tots.

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Bilingual French and English activities

Your child is introduced to English from their very earliest years.

At “circle time”, for example, the children all gather together in a circle. They say hello in French and English, and then sing nursery rhymes in both languages.

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Montessori activities in our Wasselonne micro-crèche

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The Montessori Space

The guiding principle of the Montessori method of education is to discover, rather than to learn.

Montessori activities encourage individual exploration, independence, and curiosity from the very earliest years, using all five senses.

The end result are kids that grow up into confident, responsible adults!

Geometric shapes

Children aged 2+ get their own individual “art and book”.

They use the suggested shapes to try and colour in or draw its outline.

This is the first stage of learning to write, working on coordination and fine motor skills in the fingers.

The Staircase

This game tasks children with trying to build a staircase, one step after another, from left to right.

It serves as an introduction to mathematical concepts for children aged 2+.


Our puzzles always involve nature, like flowers, animals, and trees.
Kids are interested in them even before they reach 24 months old.

They develop their fine motor skills, observational abilities, and patience. They also work on the associated vocabulary.

The Tower

The tower is made up of ten cubes of different sizes and weights.

This activity serves as an introduction to geometry and logic.
It lets children develop their concentration and judgement.

Dressing Frames

One of the precepts developed by Maria Montessori is “Help Me To Do It All By Myself!”

With these teaching aids (button, knot, velcro, press studs, pull, zips) children explore, practise, and, ultimately, learn to dress themselves.


Wooden cylinders made up of 10 parts of different heights and diameters.

Children aged 2+ develop their concentration, vocabulary (“thicker”, etc.), and the basics of holding a pencil.

Terms and Conditions for enrolment at our Wasselonne micro-crèche.

Enrolment is open throughout the year: please complete the pre-enrolment form below. 

Our micro-crèche in Wasselonne is eligible for government benefits. This means that you will have less to pay for your child’s fees.

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Child-centred, welcoming premises at our Wasselonne micro-crèche

Reception area

The home-crèche transition is a sensitive moment for the toddler.
It is important not to rush it and to set up a certain "ritual".
The rabbit chairs mean that parents and children alike can take their time. And lockers and hooks on behalf of each child with their belongings are made to reassure them.

Activity room

It offers several spaces dedicated to activities.
Montessori area, with all the equipment dedicated to discovery.
Reading area, for quiet times and "circle time".
Games of awakening and imitation self-service, for the oldest.


The bilingual Wasselonne micro-crèche has two rooms for small and big children.

Children enjoy these moments of relaxation, either for a real nap, or at least for a moment of calm and daydreaming.

Changing area

The changing areas is a privileged moment between animator and toddler, where all attention is focused on the child.

It is a moment that children appreciate, where they are reassured and confident.

Motricity room

Tunnel, foam mat, ball pool... are available for children in the motricity room.

They nourish necessary moments of physical activity that children need several times a day.


All snacks and meals are prepared on site at the Wasselonne micro-crèche scene in the dedicated kitchen.

Fresh foods, fruits, vegetables... are prioritized for the diet of small and big children.

Direct tracking of your child’s development

With our family portal, you get simplified tracking of your child: schedule, direct messaging, photos of your child, invoices… There’s also our BabyTrees Facebook page, where you’ll be able to see what your child has been up to, check out photos of our staff, and find information about our teaching cycles.

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