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La Possession - Hanoï

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Our La Possession micro-crèche lies at the heart of Moulin Joli, two minutes from the centre of La Possession.
It is open to children aged 2 months to 3 years, and delivers Montessori activities in an original bilingual French and English environment.
The micro-crèche is open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm.
Head of the crèche:


20, rue de Hanoï
97419 La Possession

Our La Possession - Hanoï micro-crèche can accommodate up to 12 children.

It offers personalised care for your child, in a more family-like setting than traditional crèches.

The days are punctuated by:

Time shared between children of all ages: the older children are spontaneously concerned about the younger children and the younger children observe and learn from the older children.

Moments of specific activities, more adapted to big and small children.

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Bilingual French and English activities

Receptions, activity instructions, readings and nursery rhymes, vocabulary activities… are done in French, then in English.
At La Reunion crèche, children are thus introduced from an early age to Anglo-Saxon culture and easily memorize the basics of the language.

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Montessori activities in our La Possession - Hanoï micro-crèche

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The Montessori Space

Both micro crèches of La Possession provide Montessori activities.

Promoting the learning process through discovery, they awaken all five senses of children so that they discover and understand their surrounding.

Geometric shapes

Each child gets their own individual “art and book”. He writes down what he wants, thanks to all the colored pencils at his disposal.

The geometric shapes allow the child to follow a more precise frame, for a drawing or coloring.

He thus developed his concentration skills and the beginnings of writing.

The Staircase

This game is an opportunity for the child to discover all the dimensions of space: length, width and especially height, with elevation.

By also positioning the steps in the right order, he initiates himself to the directions left and right and apprehends the notion of meaning in a construction.


Our puzzles always involve nature, like flowers, animals, and trees.
Kids are interested in them even before they reach 24 months old.

They develop their fine motor skills, observational abilities, and patience. They also work on the associated vocabulary.

The Tower

Each cube being different, with the tower, children understand the volume but also the weight.

For the oldest, the logic and the sense of observation are also at work to place all the elements in the right order and thus go from the biggest to the smallest.
They discover the link between size and volume for the same material.

Dressing Frames

Discover a zipper, a buttonhole, a velcro, a press stud…
All these closing modes have nothing obvious to the children!

They thus try themselves freely at these different modes, with the dressing frames.

Without pressure, at their own pace… on the road to independence to dress up!


As well as the tower game, the cylinders are a great way to discover volumes and weights.

Additional game: the child must store the cylinder precisely in its place, demanding precision and concentration.

By the holding of the cylinders between 3 fingers, it is also the premises of the pencil holding, therefore of drawing and writing.

Terms and Conditions for enrolment at our La Possession-Hanoï micro-crèche.

Enrolment is open throughout the year: please complete the pre-enrolment form below. 

Our micro-crèche in La Possession-Hanoï is eligible for government benefits. This means that you will have less to pay for your child’s fees.

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Child-centred, welcoming premises at our La Possession - Hanoï micro-crèche

Reception area

The reception area is the important place where the transition from home to crèche takes place smoothly.

The rabbit chairs mean that parents and children alike can take their time.

A form of “ritual” is respected, made to reassure the child, with his personal locker for storing shoes and outdoor clothing.

Activity room

his is the room specially dedicated to «non-physical» activities.

Self-service activities, equipment dedicated to Montessori activities with the facilitators, reading and circle-time areas, etc. but also tables and chairs for drawing and artistic or sensory activities.

Motricity room

The motricity room is particularly oriented towards «physical» activities.

Throughout the day, children also need to exercise. The motricity room welcomes them for physical mobility games and learning to walk: ball pools, tunnels, foam and climbing mats…

Children develop their motor skills and sense of balance.

Outdoor playground

The outer courtyard completes the role of the motricity room, when the weather conditions are suitable. Other games, especially on wheels, are added to those available indoors.

The outdoor courtyard is also the place for planting experiments: the young are delighted to see the fruits of their efforts come to life.


The two micro-crèches have two bedrooms for the rest of small and big children.

Essential during the day, this time of rest takes the form of a real nap for the little ones.

Bigger kids might also get a nap, or just some peaceful downtime to daydream in their own individual bed with their favourite toy.


The integrated kitchen of the micro-crèche allows to prepare, on site, all the necessary meals for the morning, lunch and afternoon snack.

Everything is prepared with fresh produce, favoring fruits and vegetables.
If possible, the oldest are involved in the implementation and are very proud of it.

Changing area

The changing room, with bath and changing table, provide individual storage for each child.

Space of intimacy between child and animator, it is a moment of calm and peacefulness that children appreciate a lot, where they are reassured and confident.


The toilets of the micro-crèche, adjoining the changing room, are specially adapted to children’s height.
Healthy habits of hygiene and cleanliness are introduced there at their earliest years.

Visual hand washing instructions are displayed above the sink, also child friendly. They assimilate them as a game.

Direct tracking of your child’s development

With our family portal, you get simplified tracking of your child: schedule, direct messaging, photos of your child, invoices… There’s also our BabyTrees Facebook page, where you’ll be able to see what your child has been up to, check out photos of our staff, and find information about our teaching cycles.

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