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17B rue de la Toussaint
67000 Strasbourg
Monday to Friday,
8.30am to 5.30pm
03 68 38 58 58


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve put together some answers to some common questions.

BabyTrees sets the pricing for its crèche according to how long your child will be spending there.
We will offer you a clear quote according to how many time slots you’d like to book.
At your pre-enrolment meeting, we will take a look at your family circumstances and offer you a quote for our services.
We will also take you through any government grants and benefits you may be eligible for.
BabyTrees crèches are eligible for childcare benefits (Complément du libre choix de Mode Garde).
The amount you get is based on your income, how many children you have, and their ages.
Families must always pay at least 15% of their childcare costs.

As a rule, it is not possible to cumulate or multiply the CmG PAJE aids, with rare exceptions.

We invite you to contact your CAF to verify your eligibility for the various existing schemes.

Families who choose to combine the modes of care by reserving a place in a «public» nursery and a Baby Trees crèche can benefit from the CmG PAJE.

We invite you to contact your local CAF for more information about the allocation procedures and eligibility criteria for the various aids available.

Enrolment is open throughout the year.
Priority is given on a first come, first served basis, and is subject to availability.

Our amenities allow us to accommodate 12 children on a regular basis and we can accommodate up to 14 children on an occasional basis.

Within the Baby Trees network, you book full sessions that run half-day.

You can arrange it as you wish and drop off or pick up your child at your convenience, in the morning or afternoon.

However, in order not to disturb too much the rhythm of the crèche, we invite you to warn the crèche when you plan to drop your child after 10am.

In each crèche, one person is responsible for interacting exclusively in English with children, teams and families.

The person in charge of English is an integral part of the team and performs the same daily tasks as another qualified person.

The team member in charge of it, simply restores everything in English.

No, it is not an obligation to have a place at BabyTrees.

The team is great, our daughter loved going.
We are very happy with the nursery. For us it is invaluable that, in addition to French, there are carers who are native speakers.
An exceptional crèche where the development and happiness of the child is the priority of the staff.

Vous souhaitez inscrire votre enfant dans une de nos crèches?

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    Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la gestion de vos données et vos droits,
    vous pouvez vous reporter à notre politique de confidentialité.